Redesign Your Office Layout; Increase productivity

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the layout of an office will have an impact on the productivity of the staff within that office.

In fact, if you have a good office layout in terms of ventilation, light and security, productivity will increase by up to 16% and an employee’s job satisfaction may also increase by up to 24%. Even the impact of windows can have an impact on productivity and studies show that where there are windows, the focus on task can increase by 15% compared to colleagues with no windows in their office (source).

At one point it was very en vogue to have an open office space but even that has been researched and has found to reduce productivity by 15% because of the distractions affecting concentration levels (source).

Overall, the environment provided for employees needs to enhance productivity, not hinder it. Perhaps it is time to review your office layout?

Here are the top 5 things you can consider to improve the effectiveness of your workspace for real business benefits.

  1. Office partitioning

Minimise distractions by creating offices in huge spaces by using partitioning- this helps people to stay focused on the task in hand

  1. Don’t forget windows

Assist concentration levels by providing windows, not only in walls but also in partitioning

  1. Space is not a limitation

No matter what size your office space is, there is a clever office layout that will work for your organization. Get creative with storage and office shelving as well as the creation of dedicated workspaces.

  1. Storage systems

Remove clutter with clever storage systems that can really work in with the office layout, style and design, whether it is a modern office feel or a functional space.

  1. Ergonomic furniture

Utilise the best furniture to make for an ergonomic working day – make sure that printers are closest to the people who use them the most and that break out areas are not too close to where everyone works.

Still not sure how you can increase productivity with the office layout you have? Get in touch with SSP and we can guide you through the process of organizing the best office layout for efficiencies. We have a range of solutions for any budget: Call us today for a free advisory session and improve productivity now.