Industry guide to suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling, is the ceiling that is installed below an existing ceiling. Suspended ceilings are mainly used in offices and commercial buildings, but they can be installed in any building and space. It is a great way to make the most of large open spaces, particularly for growing businesses looking to expand their operational space.

1. Minimal disruption installation

When fitted by professionals, the installation of a suspended ceiling has minimal disruption as it is relatively fast to achieve. This means that work is not interrupted and the business is still running efficiently.

2. Hides wires, plumbing pipes and ductwork

Suspended ceiling can help with the aesthetics of working spaces by concealing pipes and wires whilst also allowing easy access. This is particularly useful when the space is a considered a representation of the company’s brand and ethos, and making great first impressions for visitors.

3. Soundproofing

In a large open working environment, the way that sound and noise travels can be a challenge. Suspended ceilings offer a great advantage in that they minimise this and can offer a great solution for soundproofing.

4. Creates new space

A suspended ceiling is a great asset in creating new space out of what is otherwise a large open box. They can be used to create boundaries for dedicated areas. Additionally, they can be used to create additional rooms with functional space above for storage, or even the creation of a mezzanine floor.

SSP have over 20 years’ experience in advising clients about the best use of suspended ceilings for their individual objectives. In addition to how they are used, there are also elements to consider such as the material used, maintenance moving forward and brand representation. From a productivity point of view, suspended ceilings can also make the workforce more productive through the creation of separate areas that are well designed to be ergonomic as well as sound proofed.

If you wold like to find out more about how suspended ceilings form part of a solution for your expanding business, to maximise your profits, contact us now.